Infracraft was contracted by Schiavello Construction to assist with delivering a high quality fitout in a demanding program environment. We completed the project to a high standard with the usual challenges faced in a commercial fitout program. The end project was a huge success with Swaab now having a stunning new environment to call home.

From Schiavello:

Replete with technical construction feats, extraordinary quality of finish, and flexible infrastructure to support their evolving business needs, Swaab’s Sydney office fitout is a rare counterpoint to its rigid industry.

Streamlined delivery

A staged delivery across three floors ensured that Swaab’s team could continue to operate within their existing space throughout the project’s delivery.

It was also of benefit to delivery, with our team being able to carry forward critical construction knowledge and lessons learnt after the completion of each stage. In particular, this allowed for the condensed development and construction of architectural focal points such as joinery and perforated feature ceilings.

As part of our learnings, we could also begin to anticipate potential challenges, while work-shopping solutions without impacting on the programme. This was particularly evident throughout the COVID-19 restrictions – despite a significant reduction in on-site personnel, our lessons learnt helped to keep the project on track.

The result was a streamlined delivery, enabling Swaab to move in to their new floors sooner than expected.

Bringing Bondi into the workplace

Careful choreography of light, form, and materiality throughout the workspace pays homage to founder Fred Swaab’s love of Bondi Beach. As Project Manager David Rinaldi explains, these design cues are seen most prominently in the rendered feature wall stretching across the reception.

“The feature wall was designed to mimic a wave, so it was critical to keep the wall looking as natural and organic as possible. We were able to frame out the desired curves on-site using a steel tracking system along the floor and ceiling,” says David.

“Framework studs were then installed and tightly positioned to ensure the wall would maintain its form and remain structurally sound once complete. We then wet flexible 6.5mm plasterboard which allowed it to be bent to the desired radius and set in place against the framework,” he adds.

Once primed, our craftspeople applied render to the plasterboard, evoking a sense that the wall has been hewn from a monolithic form rather than assembled from thin surface finishes.



Builder: Schiavello
Project Client:
Architect: Todd Hammond
Location: 20 Hunter St, Sydney NSW
Project Size: 2,000sqm
Completion date: June 2020